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RUNDEER Bluetooth Smart Cable Lock

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Compatible with all Rundeer e-bike models, you can change your own pin code to prevent your bike from being stolen. Making you no more troubled when missing a key.


1. The product is charged by a USB cable. Please fully charge the product for the first time

2. Support 15 fingerprints: No.1&2 is the administrator, and No. 3 to 15 are the ordinary user. No. 16 or more can not be registered

3. It will be restored to factory default mode and delete all fingerprints once either of the administrator fingerprints is deleted

4. The smart lock can be unlocked by any fingerprint in factory default mode 

5. Support unlock by App "eSmartLock"

6. Support total 21 user accounts on App (1 administrator user and 20 ordinary users)

7. Battery can be fully charged in 40 minutes. Standby time is 1 year

Dimensions: 220*180*60mm

Weights: 0.75 kg