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Attack10 Advanced VS. Super73 R-Brooklyn: Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less?

A higher price doesn't always equate to superior features, quality, and reliability. Often, consumers end up paying for the brand name prominently displayed on the frame rather than the substantial technology that truly enhances the overall e-bike riding experience.

As fat tire electric bike enthusiasts ourselves, we're always interested in checking out the latest models hitting the market. Rundeer and Super73 are two brands gaining prominence for their high-performance e-bikes, consistently noted for their striking visual similarities. So in this blog post, we'll be doing a detailed comparison of Rundeer's Attack 10 Advanced model versus the Super73 R-Brooklyn to see how they stack up across different factors. 

Both e-bikes have 20 inch fat tires, full suspension, hydraulic brakes and removable battery. But with this budget-friendly affordable price tag, Rundeer has managed to save you nearly $700 in total cost.

750 Watt Rear Hub Motor (1200w at peak) - Attack 10 offers identical battery capacity to  Brooklyn which provides you more power to go farther, faster. the Attack 10 offers the thrill of off-road adventures while ensuring a comfortable ride on gravel and loose urban terrains on urban street as well.

32 Mph Top Speed - Attack 10 offers 32 mph top speed while Brooklyn offers 28 mph and up.

Rundeer Attack10 Advanced

UL 2859 Safety Certification - At Rundeer, we've gone the extra mile by securing the UL 2859 safety certification for the Attack 10 Advanced. With Rundeer, you can have confidence in receiving a product that has undergone rigorous testing and adheres to the highest standards.

Cutting-edge Torque Sensor - Attack10 Advanced mountain off road fat tire e-bike can explore the untamed paths thanks to our cutting-edge torque sensor technology, you can experience seamless pedal assistance precisely when needed. Compare that to Brooklyn has some of its riders complaining they weren't satisfied with the torque they have, this flawless blend of rugged charm and groundbreaking performance transforms vast landscapes into your very own exclusive playground. Not to mention the premium suspension system which allows you o preserve the robust off-road style of this E-bike, the rear shock absorber uses a spring-based damping system with a specially designed spring that has three times the fatigue resistance of regular springs.

Rundeer Attack10 Advanced

3 Hours Charging Time - Charging the Attack 10 takes only 3 hours, whereas Brooklyn requires 6 to 7 hours. While the difference may not seem substantial, it proves invaluable when you're in a rush and forget to charge the battery the night before, a situation that occasionally arises. In such instances, you can still charge it in the morning, saving you a considerable amount of time and simplifying your life.

Rear Derailleur with 7 Speed Options - Attack 10 comes equipped with a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, offering a versatile range of gears which provides you with more choices in various scenarios, allowing for greater adaptability to different riding conditions. In contrast, Brooklyn provides a single-speed option.

Up to 68 Miles in Range - While the Attack 10 provides a range of 68 miles, the Brooklyn offers a slightly higher range of 75 miles. If you find the need to travel even farther without recharging, an additional battery can easily solve the issue.

Rundeer Attack10 Advanced

350 lbs Max Load - The Attack 10 boasts a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs, holding 25 lbs more than the Brooklyn. Additionally, its seat provides enhanced support during rides.

Easy-to-read LCD Display - Rundeer features an LCD display, ensuring easy readability, while Super73 utilizes a standard LED display.

2-Year Warranties - Rundeer ebikes are backed by a 2-year warranty, whereas the Super73 R series comes with a one-year warranty. We all understand the importance of warranty coverage in ensuring peace of mind and product reliability.

So, if you're deliberating between our Attack 10 Advanced and the Super73 Brooklyn, I encourage you to directly compare the specifications and performance metrics. At Rundeer, our commitment has always been to craft well-designed electric bikes at affordable prices without compromising on quality or safety.

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