Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike
Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike
Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike
Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike
Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike
Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike

Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Electric Bike

Sale price$3,999.00

The product has obtained a federally recognized safety certification report, the certification number:230417230SZN-001. Learn More

Officially launched on July 31st

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Better Performance

The Starry Sky keeps the high quality components and carbon fibre frame. Featuring the responsive 350W high speed brushless torque sensing motor, Easily control your ride with thumb throttle and LED display.

Carbon Fiber eBike - Lightest Electric Bicycles

With a total weight of 46 Lbs, Starry Sky is one of the lightest electric bicycles on the market. This lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver while increasing energy efficiency and range.

30 Degrees Hills Climbing

Capable of climbing steep inclines of up to 30 degrees, thanks to its powerful 350W motor and advanced pedal assist system. Whether you're navigating rugged trails or urban hills, Starry Sky delivers superior power and performance.

Head Tube

Adopting a sunken graphic design, RUNDEER's Logo is made of silver special metal, this section of the design highlights the delicacy of details

Handmade Carbon Fiber Pattern

Hand-built carbon fiber pattern technology not only makes it looks high-end and beautiful, also helps to lighten the ebike, which most directly affects the energy saving, acceleration and braking performance.

LCD Display

The LCD display shows all kinds of important information of riding, including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level, and more.

Removable & Built-inBattery

A hidden removable lithium-ion battery makes for a clean design. With a built-in battery design and IP65 waterproof rate, the e-bike can be used on unexpected rainy days.

Bafang M600 Motor

Equipped with 350W high speed brushless torque sensing motor. The torque-sensing Bafang M600 motor provides super power and 120nm torque.

Front Suspension Fork

Sr Suntour hydraulic front fork system, working with the rear-suspension, the front fork absorbs bumps in your path for the best wheel-to-ground contact.

Rear Shock Absorber

With a modern rear suspension design, the Starry Sky can absorbs bumps easy for keeping comfortable and in control.

Thumb Throttle & Control Pad

With just a push of the thumb, you can access all of the power the motor has to offer. No need to pedal, just sit back and enjoy the ride


It‘s completely in line with the principle of human mechanics. The sponge of the seat cushion is thickened, and the surface of the seat bag is designed with anti-slip particles to ensure riding comfort.