Exciting-News-Unveiling-the-Latest-Upgrade-for-Attack-10-Series Rundeer

Exciting News: Unveiling the Latest Upgrade for Attack 10 Series!

The Rundeer Attack 10 seamlessly integrates elements of British retro motorcycle style into its design, endowing the electric bicycle with a robust and powerful silhouette. This e-bike features an exclusive patented design, representing the culmination of two years of dedicated time and substantial investment in product development by the RUNDEER team. The birth of the Attack 10 is aimed at providing avid mountain biking enthusiasts with a profound enjoyment of the thrill of downhill off-road mountain biking.

  • UL 2849 Certified
  • 750W BAFANG Motor, High torque at 89.7 Nm
  • 1200W peak power, 32mph Top Speed
  • 48V 20Ah Tesla-grade 21700 Samsung battery cells
  • 3A Fast Charging, 1.5 times faster than a 2A charger
  • Ranges of 40-50 miles electric only and 50-68 miles pedal assist
  • 20"*4" Puncture-Resistant Fat Tires
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • IP65 waterproof rating to withstand wet environments

Attack 10 Advanced - Tough Built for Off-Road Adventure

Building on the success of the standard model, we're thrilled to introduce the upgraded version of Attack 10, designed to elevate your riding experience. While maintaining consistent parameters, let's have a look at the specific enhancements in the upgraded version.

Sleek Design: Lampshade Excluded

The Attack 10 Advanced omits the lampshade design and instead has substantial strengthening in both the front fork and rear suspension systems. This significantly boosts its durability and off-road performance capabilities compared to the standard Attack 10 model.

Rundeer Attack 10 Advanced

Enhanced Performance with Inverted Front Forks Upgrade

The Attack 10 Advanced model sets itself apart with enhanced durability and off-road handling capabilities. It omits the front fender and incorporates inverted front forks. This substantial change not only improves the rugged performance of the Attack 10 Advanced but also significantly increases the front suspension travel, enabling it to adapt to more challenging off-road conditions.

Upgraded Rear Suspension System for Enhanced Strength

While the inverted front forks improve impact absorption and stability over uneven terrain, the reinforced rear suspension provides extra shock damping ability to withstand harsh bumps and jumps. As a result, the Attack 10 Advanced can handle a drop height twice as much. Complimenting this is a specially-tuned rear shock absorber optimized for off-road abuse. It utilizes a durable spring with 3X higher fatigue resistance than common steel coils. Combined with precise damping control, this provides a smooth and lively rearward stroke to track surfaces for confident cornering grip.

The Attack10 Advanced pushes the limits of electric mountain bike performance with its the inverted front forks suspension. It enables remarkably plush impact absorption over rough terrain. This keeps the rider firmly in control when landing big hits and bombing down trails.

This robust suspension package preserves the Attack10's aggressive motocross aesthetic. More than just sharp looks, this capable electric bike allows adrenaline-junky riders to challenge their limits over punishing jumps and steeps - all without compromising handling precision thanks to advanced long-travel suspension engineering.

Rundeer Ebike

Reasons to choose Rundeer

At the core of our brand lies a commitment to creating a better and more relaxed life for our customers. We believe that cycling should not only be a sport but a lifestyle, blending fashion and a futuristic touch. With the UL Certified Safety and 2-year warranty that protects you and your ebike for the long road ahead.

Attack 10 Serie embodies this philosophy, aiming to bring you not just a bike but an expression of style and adventure. It's a statement of style and a ticket to a new level of exploration. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

With Attack 10 Serie , your journey into the future of cycling begins. Place your order with confidence, and let the adventure unfold!

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