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What is the Cost of a Good Electric Bike?

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Do you know how to judge a high value electric bike?Here are 4 criteria for determining: 

1.Frame Material

Most of the high value e-bikes will use carbon fiber material. Due to the special nature of carbon fiber material, it requires a lot of manual work, so the production will be low efficiency and the material cost is very high. RUNDEER's Starry Sky is made of carbon fiber and its frame weight is only 4.4lb. Ebikes made of carbon fiber are light in weight, while Ebikes made of aluminum and other materials are heavy.

Rundeer Starry Sky 3K ebike

2.Product Design:

The design of a product is extremely important. Nowadays, users not only expect stable performance, but also need creative design of the product. Most users give priority to the appearance of a product when choosing an ebike. RUNDEER's Starry Sky adopts the design concept of future technology and environmental protection, with clear and hard lines, alternating blue and black, blue represents the sky and black represents pollution. We hope to increase the number of bicycle travel opportunities, thereby reducing global carbon emissions. 

3.The configuration of the product is one of the keys:

The motor of RUNDEER's Starry Sky is made by the world famous brand "BAFANG", and the battery cell is made by the Japanese brand "Panasonic".

In addition to the brand of the battery cell, but also depends on the capacity of the battery. Starry Sky capacity is: 36V-17.5AH, pure electric mode range in more than 30mi.

Controller using Taiwan brand "LISHUI"; Most of user are not  concerned too mush about it.But if you want to judge the stability of the circuit system,it totally depends on the controller.

The brake system adopts the hydraulic brake system. Starry Sky shifting system adopts "Shimano" transmission, wheel and flywheel. It guarantees a comfortable experience even when riding purely by human power. 

4.The process of the product is the decisive factor

Even if the above three points are done very well, if the product technology is not good enough, may not be the best product. RUNDEER's slogan is "We only do art"! Therefore, Starry Sky pays great attention to every detail during development and production, striving for perfection and bringing customers a sense of satisfaction.

RUNDEER has already established an after-sales service center in Los Angeles and will establish in more cities in the future with the development. Hope everyone would find your favorite Ebike.

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