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Tricks to The Joy and Freedom of E-Bikes

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, have soared in popularity in recent years - and for good reason. E-bikes make biking accessible, convenient and fun for more people. The extra assist from an integrated electric motor makes it effortless to ride farther and faster, or tackle challenging hills with less exertion. For commuters, errand-runners, recreational riders or adventurous explorers, e-bikes open up new possibilities.

As with any bike, there are techniques to learn to safely operate and fully enjoy your e-bike. Here are helpful tips and tricks for beginners from sizing and settings to maintenance and battery care.

Choosing Your Ride

Not all e-bikes are equal, with a range of motor types, batteries, frames and components available from cargo bikes to road bikes and everything in between. Test ride different e-bike styles and sizes to find your perfect fit based on comfort, handling and intended use. Look for quality brakes, shifters, suspension and sufficient power and range capabilities for your needs. Consider extras like fenders, racks, lights or suspension that can enhance functionality. 

Rundeer Ebikes are designed for your needs. We have city-bikes such as Starry Sky, which adopts a daring parallelogram structure, seamlessly integrating the battery into the downtube. The rear suspension, employing a soft-tail shock absorption design, not only adds a touch of fashion but also ensures an undeniably sporty allure. And also Attack10 Series engineered for hardcore off-road adventures which offers a smooth and powerful ride that stays in control.

Rundeer Ebike

Learn the Power  

Start slow getting a feel for acceleration and speed on your new e-bike before ramping up assist settings - it can take some adjustment from a regular bike. Most systems have settings from low to turbo assist to modulate how much and when battery-powered speed kicks in. Find the responsive sweet spot that works for you. Some allow further customization of delivery for a more tailored ride. The Attack 10 boasts a 750W (1200W Peak) motor, ensuring an unparalleled off-roading experience in the wilderness! It strikes the ideal equilibrium between power and performance, delivering an adventurous outdoor journey like no other. 

Shift Gears Strategically   

Shifting technically works the same as a regular bike, but with an e-bike you can stay in higher or harder gears longer thanks to electric assist. But holding high gears, especially under high motor power will wear components faster. Learn when to ease off the boost and shift to spin at optimal cadences to balance speed with system durability. Feeling like the 5-speed transmission isn't cutting it? How about stepping up to 7 gears! With Attack 10, effortlessly switch between the 7 gears, providing you with a broader range of choices and a richer experience. Adapt to various situations and meet your diverse needs with ease! 

Rundeer Attack10

Preserve Your Power  

An e-bike battery's range depends on many factors from terrain to rider weight, but judicious use of the motor boost is key. Shane harder gears more sparingly and rely on leg power whenever you can to conserve precious battery reserves for when you really need them. Eco modes deliver more miles per charge while high-output turbo drains faster. Plan routes accordingly and don't overexert the system. With SAMSUNG battery, Attack10 provides up to 68 miles on a single charge. 

Maintain Your Motor  

The motor on an e-bike is a major investment that needs proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning, inspection for damage and monitoring performance protects its function and longevity. Have certified shops do major service like internal cleaning or replacing brushes/bearings annually or per prescribed intervals. Diagnose abnormal noises right away - early intervention prevents bigger issues. Having a removable battery makes everything easier.  

Pamper Your Battery

Store batteries properly and never fully drain them. Understand ideal charging procedures based on your model and invest in a compatible high-quality charger. Batteries are costly to replace so maximize lifespan through responsible security, handling and charging habits. And ensure you have any necessary extras like backup batteries or extended external range extenders for the miles ahead. 

While complex under the hood, a little e-bike education goes a long way for safety and enjoyment. From smart settings to gearing finesse to battery babying, insightful tips help negotiate the learning curve. Follow best practices and your e-bike will reward you with endless carefree adventures on the open road. Let Rundeer amaze you!

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