Rear Rack (for Hummer Ebike) Rundeer


RUNDEER Rear Rack (for Hummer)

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Perfect for your trips, picnics, grocery shopping, and so on. With this sturdy rack mounted to the rear of the bike, you could expand your bike cargo and make your trips easier.


1. Model: Hummer 2.0 Version
2. Dimensions (LxWxH): 47cm x 25cm x 18cm
3. Capacity: 15kg
4. Mounting Screws included
5. Easy to install and disassemble

6. Weight: 3KG

Please note: due to the different production batches, the bike you received might not be the type with 4 screw holes on the rear tube, therefore can NOT be able to install on it.

For more details, please check on the Upgraded bike rear tube for rear rack installation.