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E-Bike Suddenly Dying on a Full Charge while Going Uphill, What Could the Issue be?

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There are many reasons why an E-bike may stall while riding, the following two are the most common:


The controller of an e-bike is the key component responsible for managing the energy output of the battery. If the controller fails, the battery may not output power properly, resulting in a loss of power when the e-bike is going uphill. The RUNDEER Attack10 is equipped with a 750W motor and a powerful 12-FET controller, while many Electric Bike brands will choose a 9-FET controller to control costs. Such a combination of configuration in the motor high-power operation, due to the current through the controller can not fully pass, thus causing the controller protection mechanism, order the motor to stop working.Therefore the e-bike be flame out.

Rundeer ebike Battery Controller 

2.Electric motors

The e-bike's motor may be faulty. Due to the defective quality of the motor, it can’t reach the marked power rating, causing the motor to overheat when going uphill. After reaching the controller through heat conduction, the controller will order the motor to stop working for the safety of Electric Bike, which will lead to the stalling of E-bike. The motor is one of the core components of Electric bike, the most famous Electric bike motor brands in the world are "BAFANG" and "BOSCH". RUNDEER's "Attack10" and "StarrySky" both use "BAFANG" motors.

 Bafang ebike motor for Rundeer Attack 10 ebike

Another reason for the flame out may be the poor performance of the battery, such as the aging of the battery, power false storage, or the battery overheating resulting in power failure. In this case, you need to check whether the motor, battery, controller overheating, after cooling down and then re power on.

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