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Which are the top EV bike companies?

The top electric bicycle brands mainly include the following brands, which are summarized below according to the authors' own understanding and preferences:


Specialized is an American brand of high end road bikes, most of Specialized's products are made of carbon fiber and are highly preferred by professional athletes. Now expanding their product line to include e-bikes, they offer a range of e-bikes for various uses, from mountain bikes to commuter e-bikes.

The E-bike below: $12,000

Specialized ebike


Trek is a famous American high-end road bike manufacturer, their products are also mostly made of carbon fiber, and is a veteran bike manufacturer alongside SpecializedTrek. Now they have also entered the electric bike market. They produce electric bikes, including electric mountain bikes and road bikes.

The E-bike below: $10,999

Trek ebike


Cannondale is a well-known bicycle manufacturer in the United States, which produces most of the whole bicycles for high-end bicycles, and the high-end frames are made by hand, so they are more expensive. The aluminum frame CAAD9 by Cannondale Road Bicycle has the reputation of "king of aluminum frame" and is used by the teams in the three major cycling tours. In recent years, it has also started to launch electric bikes.

The E-bike below: $3,200

Cannondale ebike


Bulls is a German brand that produces a variety of electric bikes, including electric mountain bikes, city bikes and hiking bikes. Bulls has been a best seller in Europe for decades and has been selling bikes using a unique online direct sales approach. They are known for their quality and performance.

The E-bike below: $3,449

Bulls ebike

5.Riese und Müller

Riese und Müller is a German-based bicycle company founded by MüllerRiese and Müller in 1993. The company is known for its focus on designing and assembling folding bikes. The frames are manufactured by other companies. They are assembled by bicycle factories in Australia, Japan, and the United States and sent out from Taiwan.

The E-bike below: $7,779

Riese und Müller ebike


Haibike is a German electric bicycle brand, famous for their electric mountain bikes and off-road electric bikes. They are the pioneer of electric bikes, focusing on high-end electric bike design and production, from an unknown company ten years ago become a famous electric bike brand now, constantly innovating products to meet the needs of different high-end users. The E-bike below: $6,499

Haibike ebike

Most of the above are new electric bicycle products from traditional bicycle brands, but in recent years there are also emerging brands with high-end electric bicycles, such as Super73


Super is a company founded in 2018 and located in California, USA, is an electric bike manufacturer established by the transformation of a modified motorcycle company, which designs and develops retro electric bikes popular with users from all walks of life, and their products are designated for urban recreational riding.

The E-bike below: : $4,395

Super73 ebike


Rundeer is a new company focused on high-end electric bike design and production, the company was founded in 2021 in New York, U.S. RUNDEER retro British style as the main product design style, the newly launched product Attack10 electric bike, strong power, high ground clearance, long shock travel, which is more suitable for mountain cross-country riding.

The E-bike below: : $2,499

Rundeer Attack 10 ebike

Since e-bikes have added accessories such as batteries, motors and control systems compared to traditional bikes, the design and development of the product is much different from the concept and process of traditional bikes, especially the design and development of a competitive model has become much more difficult. Therefore, this also gives the newborn e-bike brands the opportunity to surpass traditional bicycle brands.

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