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What Additional Safety Measures can be Implemented by Manufacturers to Reduce the Risk of Fires Caused by E-bike Battery Failures?

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First of all, I would like to introduce myself.I am the founder and chief product designer of RUNDEER, and would like to use my professional work experience to introduce how to avoid the risk of battery fires.

1.Be sure to choose the best performance of the battery cell. Because the battery of Electric bike is made of lithium battery.The advantage of lithium battery is the energy density of electricity is large, the disadvantage is lithium ion is too active, high safety risks. RUNDEER's ‘Attack10 use "Samsung" 50E cells, Starry Sky uses "Panasonic" cells. More than 80% of battery fires are caused by the use of poor quality cells. Therefore, If you want to buy an E-bike, It is better not to choose a product less than $1500.Basically the probability of avoiding the risk. Cheaper products will not use quality cells.

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2.In the battery production and processing to use high-quality battery parts materials, such as insulation paper should be used to use excellent performance materials, to prevent the collision of the battery cells in the insulation paper rupture caused by fire.

3.When doing the whole vehicle adaptation, we have to match the controller with enough space to adjust the current.For example, Attack10 is a 20AH battery capacity, which is relatively large. Since the maximum peak of its current is 25AH, we reserve 30AH peak when we set up the controller.

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4.The product should pass the safety test of each circuit before leaving the factory.But this test needs professional equipment to achieve, and the standard of detection should be set more strictly.

5.The safety of the battery can be circumvented by the design of the whole E- bike.The early E-bike's frame design was to hang the battery on the frame, which is very easy to cause a fire accident when riding. A more reasonable design is to put the battery in the tube to make a built-in design. All of RUNDEER's E-bikes are designed with a built-in battery design. Of course, some brands are reluctant to do itdue to the high cost and the difficulty of design.

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In short, from the production design side of the product pay attention to the battery safety quality issues, is completely possible to eliminate the occurrence of Electric bike battery fire. Now all new energy vehicles are using ternary lithium batteries, but fire accidents in cars are very rare .

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