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Which Battery is Best for Electric Bike?

Today, we will introduce the E-bike battery, usually E-bike battery refers to the battery assembly plant will be processed in series with the battery cells in a battery box for a specific or non-specific E-bike. In the battery series processing and assembly of this link, the processing capacity of each factory is not very different. The key is what brand and model of battery cells are used in the battery box, the main performance of the battery is determined by the cells.

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In the market, some of the well-known brands of electric bicycles use electric cells, including Panasonic, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Sony, Bosch, Shimano, Brose. These are the first-tier international brands of electric cores, among which Panasonic's cores are more popular among customers. There are also some second-tier brands, such as BAK, Lishen, DMEGC, etc. The price of the same type of battery is about 20% off of the first-tier brands. Since the battery is one of the core components of the Electric bike, its cost is usually about 35% of the whole vehicle production cost, which is very expensive. Some unscrupulous Brands will use the B-grade batteries, which are actually fake or old batteries. The price of these batteries is about 35% of the price of first-tier brands. These batteries cannot be judged by appearance alone, and can only be judged by the professional testing equipment of the batteries. Electric bike using unqualified batteries may have insufficient range, serious power decay at low temperature, and seriously shortened service life. The most serious problem is: this kind of unqualified battery has a major safety hazard problem, easy to cause the fire accident!

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Therefore, when buying an Electric bike, you can not just look at the cheap price.Because such substandard batteries are almost use in low-end Electric bikes. For example, the production cost of a 48V-20AH Panasonic battery is about $600.If the price of Electric Bike less than $1000, these products probability will not use the famous battery brand. And by the way, the current mainstream battery series technology solution is 21700, while the 18650 technology solution is not used much now.

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