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What are the main performance differences between hub motors and mid motors for E-bikes?

Hub motors and mid motors are two common types of e-bike power systems that have some differences in performance and characteristics.

  1. Location and integration:

Hub Motor: The hub motor is located inside the wheel and is usually integrated in the front or rear wheel. This design allows the hub motor to be more compact in appearance and the entire power train to be relatively independent.

Mid Motor: The mid motor is located in the center of the bike, usually mounted on a base tube or bottom bracket on the frame. It is connected to the E-bike's drive train and usually transmits power via a chain or belt.

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  1. Power output:

Hub Motor:The hub motor transmits power directly to the wheels to generate propulsion. It provides direct drive and performs better in starting acceleration and on flat roads. That is, it has a sharp start, good pick-up performance and better speediness.

Mid Motor:The mid motor transmits power to the wheels through the drive train. It uses the bike's gear system to achieve multiple gear ratio options, which can provide better climbing performance and higher efficiency. In short: it is a bad feeling of acceleration, but high torque, which means more horsepower, for high load riding needs, but the speed will be relatively slow.

  1. Power feeling:

Hub Motor:Wheel motors typically provide a smoother and quieter power output. Since the motor is directly connected to the wheels, there is no friction or noise in the drive train.

Mid Motor:The power output of a mid-motor feels closer to that of a traditional pedal bike, as it needs to transmit power through gears. There may be some gearing noise and resistance.

 ebike hub motor & mid motor

  1. Repair and maintenance:

Mid Motor:Repair and maintenance of wheel motors is relatively simple because it does not involve the drive train. Usually, only tire maintenance and removal/installation of the wheel set when replacing the motor need attention. Since the technology of hub motors is very mature, performance problems rarely occur.

Mid Motor:The mid-mount motor needs to work with the bike's drive train, so it may require more attention in maintenance and repair. The gear system needs to be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure efficient transmission and smooth operation. Due to the newer technology of mid-mounted motors, performance issues can arise from time to time.

In general, hub motors are suit for riders looking for clean looks and flat road performance, while mid-mounted motors are for those who need better climbing performance and a traditional bike feel. Since RUNDEER's Electric bike design philosophy is "We only do art", we focus more on the stability of the product's performance in the choice of configuration, so we use hub motors in our existing products.

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